The Strong Creative By Joanna Pieters

“Neil provided very helpful insights for me on my book-in-progress, particularly in his ability to deal with both big picture and detail. I appreciated his insights and advice on structure, his intelligent understanding of the complexities of a message and how it might need to be untangled. He also has - as you’d hope, but which certainly isn’t always the case - an appreciation of the precision of language, while being able to avoid getting bogged down with insignificant stylistic detail. His feedback is clear and practical.”  Joanna Pieters

The Spark Effect By Fiona Halton

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I asked Neil to read and comment on my first draft of “The Spark Effect”. This was the first time I had written a book and I knew that I needed Neil’s expert advice not only on proof reading but on points of style and understanding. What I had not realised was how very helpful he also would be on all the many different aspects of publishing my book, including illustration and titles. I am enormously grateful to him. The Spark Effect is published in November and shows corporates how to get all your people behind you, your message or values through running a mass volunteering event.”   Fiona Halton

Demystifying Innovation By The Innovation Hackers

This was not a straightforward editing and proofing job. We are writing our first book together and needed an editor that not only understood the subject but also was able to work with our busy, dispersed team and keeping us on track. It wasn’t easy, but Neil was patient, supportive and also made some excellent suggestions for improvement that we readily took on board. Without his input and tenacity we would not have progressed to the stage of finalising our manuscript. Thank you Neil.  We would have no hesitation in recommending you.        Barbara Armstrong, Pete Starr, Simon Savage