"The self–help genre of performance–enhancing books is an increasingly crowded space. Heavyweight academic–style titles compete with flimsy motivational books that stretch thin ideas well beyond the space they deserve. Neil Pavitt’s book Brainhack bridges this divide. It’s relatively thin and tight editing means it moves along at a cracking pace with tons of good ideas on how to improve your cognitive abilities." (The Irish Times, March 2016)

"A fun, engaging read that you′ll love telling your friends and family about" (Woman′s Way, March 2016)

"Easy to read and highly informative, there′s plenty of food for thought here" (PQ Magazine, May 2016)

"The user′s guide your brain never came with."
―Ian Gilbert, Founder of Independent Thinking
"A practical primer in the art of problem–solving. In 45 instructive ′brainhacks′, Pavitt reveals how every one of us can make more of our brains."
– Patrick Collister, Creative Director, The Zoo – Google EMEA
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"Very nicely done. A masterful storyteller." 
              Linda Naiman founder Creativity at Work

If you think you haven’t got a creative bone in your body. If you think some people are naturally creative.If you think those ‘Eureka’ moments come out of nowhere.

Then this book is for you.

This book won’t make you creative overnight, but it will help you understand what it takes to be creative. There’s no ‘just add water’ shortcut to creativity. The great creative minds throughout history, whether in the arts, sciences or business, put in a lot of effort to achieve what they did.

It explains why a lot of ‘creative’ people can’t say where they get their ideas from. It shows you that creativity is a process, not a gift. Understanding how a magic trick is done doesn’t make you a magician, but take away the mystery and you know with practice you could be one.

In the time it takes you to watch a movie, this book will unlock the secrets of creativity and teach you, how to be creative.

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How spending twenty minutes a day on something your passionate about, will make you feel more fulfilled.